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    Community Gardens and Lions!

    Community gardens represent community building. Lions serve so why not get involved with one in your community! Encourage gardening in your community. We will provide FREE quality 'seed bundles' of to 25 varieties and plenty of seeds for a sizable garden. We can assist with recommendations on soil, compost, average crop yields to determine quantities of seed to use and general education to strengthen knowledge and practical skills for gardening and building your local food system. Click for REAL details!

    Kids Backpack Program

    U.P. Lions Serve Hunger's mission is to fight against hunger by providing food & life-changing aid. We've realized that schools are the perfect target for the Backpack program - they are the gathered location for children in need. Click for REAL details!

    Let's Seed U.P.! An SD10 Lions Project

    Let’s Seed U.P.! is a seed distribution program for Lions Clubs who get involved with their community garden(s). Click for REAL details!

    Please consider a donation to any of the programs above. Let's grow together!