Helping Upper Peninsula families fight childhood cancer.

We have seen a rise in the number of families living in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan seeking help with a child battling cancer.

Since our program began in 2020, that number has increased by more than twenty-fold!

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Our Purpose

Travel Costs

Travel Costs

Travel Costs

To receive care, our families must travel long distances. Our grants assist with travel costs, such as gas, food, and accomodations.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to serve children and families from the Upper Peninsula who are battling childhood cancer. We believe that when a child is sick, the entire family is affected. Our support focuses on the individual along with the entire family.

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Spotlight Partners

Tour Da Yoop, Eh cyclists on the road. Tour Da Yoop, Eh logo

Tour Da Yoop, Eh

The Tour Da Yoop, Eh benefit for Childhood Cancer is a 1,200 mile bike tour around the perimeter of the Upper Peninsula! Enjoy endless nature and lakeside views while cycling across some of the safest roads in the United States.

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Our Partners

We share information and connect families to other nonprofits that may help, either in-person or remotely.

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Childhood cancer hero Eve holding a crayon and smiling at the camera

Our Heroes


Eve was diagnosed with neuroblastoma shortly after her first birthday.

A few weeks after our daughter's first birthday, we were sent to the ER in Marquette after several days of mild yet worrisome symptoms that wouldn't go away. That same night, we were completely shocked and devastated to learn that she had a form of pediatric cancer called neuroblastoma and had to be airlifted to a children's hospital immediately. She was admitted to Helen DeVos Children's Hospital in Grand Rapids, MI and my husband and I dropped everything to be with her. That first hospital stay lasted for almost three weeks before getting discharged, and even then we weren't sure if we should spend too much time so far away from the hospital while she was getting treatment. We have spent more time in Grand Rapids in the last nine months than we have at our own home and traveled from Marquette to GR at least once every 1-2 weeks since last September. That's a seven hour drive one way with a toddler! We don't have access to certain things she needs for her treatment in Marquette, so sometimes even simple blood draws require us to be at the children's hospital and keep us away from home for a longer period of time. We also just had to spend over three weeks in NY for her surgery and we were so appreciative of the financial support that UP Lions Serve was able to provide for us during that time. UP Lions Serve has helped lighten the financial burden that we have experienced having to travel over 400+ miles each time just to get her the treatment she needs to fight this disease. Knowing we can count on them to help us if we are in need of gas money or help with groceries and other travel expenses is a huge relief, especially because our daughter's treatment requires so much travel. We are so grateful to have their support on this very difficult journey.

Our Progress

A map of the Upper Peninsula showcasing amount of recognized families per county.

These numbers represent the families we recognize who are fighting childhood cancer. Every dollar earned goes directly to the families and to the programs that serve them.

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Michigan is 5th in the nation for annual number of pediatric cancer diagnoses.

470 children are diagnosed in Michigan each year, and the Upper Peninsula has the largest number of children per capita diagnosed with cancer in the state.

U.P. families face daunting challenges because they must travel out of our area for care. Many times, one parent is forced to take an extended leave of absence or leave a job to be with their child. Medical treatment can go on for many years, leaving kids with physical, emotional, and sensory deficits.

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